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-Boujie MACK

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June 1, 2012 2 comments

I wanted to send a very big thank you to all of my readers. This is my two year anniversary running Boujie Mack. It started during a really difficult time in my life where I had to escape the world I was in. What I ended up doing was sharing a lot of it with you as a means to find some kind of peace. I want to thank you, even the ones who made my life difficult at the time, because it really pushed me to constantly challenge myself and to grow. Extra special thank you to the Boujie Girls of the Week, Boujie Lourds, Boujie Lyvie, Everyone who subscribed to the blog, Like the Facebook Fan Page, Followed on Twitter, and the fun emails I received reminding me that I needed to blog.

As usual each year (the second year now) I try to change the blog in some kind of way. This year I am so proud to say Boujie Mack is official. It is a full functioning blog/website. The site name change is now going to be as of Monday, . I finally did it and thank you to wordpress for helping me really shape everything together.

Boujie Mack has have over 15,000 view within the last two years. While some major blogs might laugh and say they get that in a month or a day, I’m happy to know everyday someone, other than me, was reading the blog. For all of who shared, posted, read , hated and “liked”, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Here are all of the countries that supported the Boujie One… (Since February of this year. WordPress doesn’t go that far back **Kanye Shrug**)

I love you guys so much! Keep up with me on SMOOCHES!

P.S. If you emailed subscribed to the blog, I am going to transfer everything over, if you subscribed via your blog, please re-subscribe. 😦 WordPress is not letting me take everything over to the new place. Not the boujie way!!!

-Boujie Mack